Yablunitsa. Rest in the Carpathians

Yablunytsia is a mountain ski and climatic resort of the Carpathians, which is located at an altitude of 960 m above sea level in the territory of the Carpathian National Park. The village is surrounded by the Carpathian mountains, from the south the Montenegrin ridge, Hoverla (2061m) and Petros (2026 g.), From the east by Magura (1313 g.), From the west Dovbushanka (1757 g.), And from the north by Mount Khomyak (1542 g.) .

It is difficult to officially determine the exact date of the origin of the village. In historical annals it is referred to as Sloboda in 1686. The name of the village is derived from the name of the mountain Yablunitsa (1008), from where the Yablunetsky Prutets originates, which flows through the entire village.

Yablunitsa stretches for 12 km. to Yablunetsky pass, mainly on both sides of the highway Ivano-Frankivsk - Uzhgorod, in addition, individual buildings are located on the tops of the hills from each other at 2-3 km.

The village of Yablunytsa is interesting in that it is not divided into streets, but divided into sections (highlands, peaks). Total rude 11. Each grun has its own name (Mikulinka, Sredny, Teterinka, Potoki, Goroshkov, Magurka, Dovgy, Grun, Dil, Voronenko, Rozgil), and each name is associated with a legend.

Placement Locations

Yablunitsa, Transcarpathia


hotel complex "Pass"

The new recreation complex was successfully located on the turn to Bukovel on the Yablunetsky pass itself. 3-x building is made of environmentally friendly log house. The hotel attracts tourists with its well-groomed territory, developed infrastructure, good location. It offers guests: a cafe - a restaurant for 50 people, a museum of Carpathian curiosities, places to relax, barbecue, altanka with a barbecue fireplace, a tub, a swimming pool, a wood-burning sauna, a parking lot, a souvenir market at 50 meters. 2, 3, 4's local cozy rooms with all amenities.

Cost per 1 people per day:

period number
with 15.08  
25.12 - 15.01  

Uzor NU

hotel "Kisva"

The new hotel is located on the new road from Yablunytsya to Bukovel in a beautiful location with amazing views of the Carpathian mountains. All the necessary conditions are created here to make you feel comfortable. The interior wood trim of the interiors conveys the atmosphere of Carpathian flavor, peace and warmth. The overall impression is complemented by wooden furniture, wrought iron chandeliers, suspended from the ceiling by chains, deer horns. On the ground floor there is a restaurant serving national cuisine. For children there is a games room, for adults - a Russian bath and a Japanese bath ofuro, on the territory of the hotel you can use parking, barbecue, Wi-Fi. For your stay the hotel provides 16 rooms with private facilities.
kisva 001 kisva 002
kisva 003 kisva 005
kisva 006 kisva 004
Cost per 1 people per day:

period number
with 15.02  
25.12 - 15.01  

Uzor NU

Villa "Parliament"

In the heart of the village of Yablunytsya there is Villa “Parliament” - a modern hotel complex: 3 buildings, restaurant, billiards, bathhouse, equipment rental. The villa is designed for 84 people, rooms of different categories have been prepared for guests - from the compact standard to luxurious apartments with a fireplace and kitchen. Most rooms have a private entrance, all rooms have a drying room for equipment and Wi-Fi. Guests can relax in the Carpathian bath made of natural wood, have a barbecue on the grill in the recreation area, or play a game of billiards, and enjoy national and European dishes in the hotel restaurant. There is a playground for children.
parlament 001 parlament 002
parlament 003 parlament 007
parlament 004 parlament 005
parlament 008 parlament 006
Cost per 1 people per day:

period number
Uzor NU

Hotel complex "Gorgan"

hotel with pool (indoor)

The hotel complex "Gorgan" is a whole city located in a surprisingly beautiful corner of the Carpathians and consisting of buildings with rooms of different categories, and also cozy cottages for large Companies. In all rooms: autonomous water supply, autonomous heating, TV, bathroom, a place for drying equipment. A kolyba restaurant with an original interior will take you 2 centuries ago to the atmosphere of an old Ukrainian Hutsul house. The menu includes traditional cuisine, as well as national Hutsul dishes: Carpathian mushrooms, kvashenin, banush with cheese and others. Also for hotel guests: a cozy lounge bar, a lobby bar with hot and cold desserts, a disco bar, gazebos with barbecue grills throughout territory. spa (Turkish bath, Roman bath, Finnish sauna), ice font, karaoke, andmerican billiards, 2 conference room, mini-market, withsweeping market, nrockat of ski equipment, snowboards, sledges, bicycles, ATVs, horseback riding, withOwn ski lift in Yablunitsa.
gorgany 001 gorgany 004
gorgany 002 gorgany 003
gorgany 005 gorgany 006

Cost per 1 people per day:

period price
Uzor NU

* The above prices are valid for standard rooms, with 2-local accommodation

* Hotels have the right to change the price policy without warning (both in the direction of price increase and downward direction)

* Availability and prices are subject to change before booking




accommodation, meals


  • Cost is listed as of 01.11.2017
  • Children up to 5 years without provision of a place and food - free of charge, children up to 14 years - 10% discount.
  • For group customers - prices by agreement
  • Group tours to the Carpathians see here.
  • During the New Year and Christmas period, it is possible to purchase only ready-made tour packages - tours to the New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians
You can order additional services:

- transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk, Mukachevo, Ternopol, Lviv and other places in Yaremche

- daily departure to Bukovel

- transfer to Dragobrat

- excursions to Yasinya, Vorokhta, Rakhiv, to the Center of Europe, Kolomyia, Manyavsky Sket, Kvass, etc.

- ascent to Hoverla, Petros and other peaks of the Carpathians, hiking to the sources of the Black Tisza, the Yablunets Pass, etc.

 - tasting of beer in a private brewery, trout farm, salt room, hot tubs, sauna, steam bath

- Rental of ski equipment, bicycles, etc.

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