Tours to the Carpathians. Reception of groups in the Carpathians

Excursion, mountain-skiing, entertaining tours to the Carpathians. Organization of tours to the Carpathians.

5 days

Jazz in the Carpathians. Active tour to the Carpathians

Bukovel - Yasinya - Goverla - Petros - Pop Ivan - Hamster - Kolochava - Sinevir - Yaremche

Carpathians open only to the kind and clean people and leave in the heart a state of euphoria and delight from lying at the feet of immense panoramas and boundless skies.

4-5 days

Winter Rhapsody of the Carpathians. Winter in the Carpathians

Yasinya - Rakhiv - Bukovel - Goverla - Kolomyia - Dragobrat - Vorokhta - Yaremche

We invite you to winter High Carpathians, to a fairy tale of snow-covered forest, to the land of majestic spirits and proud Hutsuls. All legends of the Carpathians in one round: Yaremche, Yasinya, Bukovel, Dragobrat and much more!

from 4 days

Carpathian ballad. From Bukovel to Hoverla

Tatars - Yablunitsa - Yasinya - Manyava - Bukovel - Dragobrat - Kolomyia - Verkhovyna - Krivorivnya - Rakhiv - Vorokhta - Yaremche - Ivano-Frankivsk

A journey from the Carpathian foothills to the High Carpathians, fairy-tale spire forests, riot of animal and plant life and, of course, mountains, beautiful Carpathian mountains: Bukovel, Dragobrat, Goverla! We invite you to the most beautiful place on the planet - to the Carpathians!

4-5 days

Carpathian blues. Waterfalls of the Carpathians

Yasinya - Rakhiv - Yaremche - Manyava - Kosov - Sheshory - ur. Reaper - Lumshory - Kosino - Berehove - Solotvyno - Bukovel

A beautiful excursion tour of the Carpathians includes not only numerous waterfalls, but also other equally interesting objects, including water ones: springs of mineral water, thermal pools, vats, salt lakes, rivers - water arteries of the Carpathians.

2 day

Carpathian etude. Weekends in the Carpathians

Manyava - Bukovel - Kolomyia - Verkhovyna - Yaremche - ur. Zhenets - Yasinya - Kvasy

The surest and fastest way to relieve stress is to spend a weekend in the Carpathians! You can do a lot in 2 days, but the main task is to abandon civilization and merge with nature.

3 day

The Carpathian Capriccio. Relax in the Carpathians

Bukovel - Kvassy - Yasinya - Rakhiv - Solotvino - Yaremche - Goverla

A tour to the Carpathians for those who like fun, entertainment, leisurely walks alone in nature, peace and relaxation.

6 - 7 days

Symphony of the Carpathians. Grand tour of the Carpathians

Ivano-Frankivsk - Bukovel - Yasinya - Solotvyno - Kolomyia - Verkhovyna - Vorokhta - Goverla - Berehove - Kosino - Kolochava - Sinevir - Yaremche

Holidays in the Carpathians? For those who do not accept monotony, who are bored with the dull grayness of everyday life, who wants a bright variety of impressions, we came up with this tour to the Carpathians.

5 days

Tokatta and fugue mountains. Dragobrat Tour

Dragobrat - Bukovel - Yasinya - Goverla - Petros - Bliznitsa - Yaremche

You have a unique opportunity to relax from the madness and bustle of a bustling city and recharge with vigor and health for the whole year! This is possible only in the unique place of the Ukrainian Carpathians - on Dragobrat!

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