Tours for May holidays

Tours, excursions in Ukraine with travel from Kharkov and other cities

3 or 4 days
3600 from UAH.

Sunny tour. May holidays in Transcarpathia + Valley of daffodils! Train

Mukachevo - Schönborn Castle - Synevyr - Shipot - Vinogradovo - Khust - St. Miklos

May tour 8 places left
We invite everyone to visit the most popular and beautiful places of Transcarpathia for the May holidays! Waiting for you: classic ancient castles, exquisite palaces, thermal springs, mountain rivers, waterfalls and valleys, Transcarpathian dishes and wines and much more!

3 days / 5 turodney
3600 from UAH.

May Bukovina. Chernivtsi, Kamenets, Khotin + tulips! Train

Chernivtsi - Khotin - Kamenets - Valley of Tulips - Bukovina Carpathians

May tour 7 places left!
We invite you to spend the May holidays in the beautiful Bukovinian land! The tour includes a visit to the ancient Kamenets-Podolsky, Khotyn Fortress, Chernivtsi, Bukovyna Carpathians, Nemchich Pass, as well as a unique tulip valley and a novelty of this season - a snail farm!

3 days / 5 turodney
3450 from UAH.

May tour 6 places left
Peace, Labor, May, Sausage, Shashlik, Wine, Odessa, Sea ... All this is Odessa for the May holidays! Sights of Odessa, beautiful girls of Odessa, bazaars of Odessa, courtyards of Odessa, Odessa delicacies ... and also - the opportunity to visit the Ukrainian Venice - Vilkovo!

3 days / 5 turodney
4000 from UAH.

May extreme in the Carpathians. Hoverla + jeeps + rafting! Train

Yaremche - r. Black Cheremosh - Hoverla - Makovitsa

May tour Places for request
Get ready for extreme adventures in the Carpathians in May! These will be 3 unforgettable days in your life, because you have to conquer the highest peak of Ukraine - Hoverla, go rafting on a mountain river and ride mountain jeeps to Mount Makovytsya!

3 day / 5 tour days
4050 from UAH.

May tour
All the sights, all the highlights of Lviv and Lviv region are for you on this tour! The opportunity to visit the Carpathians and see with your own eyes the ancient fortress "Tustan" and the Kamenka waterfall!

2 days / 2 nights
2950 from UAH.

Sea weekend in Azov! Hot springs - Pink lake - summer vacations Bus

Kharkiv - Arabatskaya strelka - Gengorka - hot springs - pink lake

We suggest you spend a few warm days in May on the gentle Azov Sea. Take a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy the truly clean sea air! 

10 hours
395 from UAH.

Manors of Kharkiv region. Age of palaces and parks Bus

Old Merchik - Sharovka - Natalyevka

One of the most popular excursions among Kharkiv residents and guests of our city tells about the ancient estates that have survived to this day, which give an opportunity to look into the past of our region, learn about the life of Kharkiv residents in the XNUMXth - XNUMXth centuries, about Kharkiv patrons of art. 

1 day / 2 night
1550 from UAH.

Miracles Cherkassky. Uman + Buky canyon Bus

Uman - Sofievsky arboretum - fountain show - Buksky canyon

Traditional popular bus tour to Uman from Kharkov, which combines visiting the most beautiful places in Ukraine - Sophia Arboretum in Uman - and Buk canyon on the mountain river Tikich.

10 hours
450 from UAH.

Slobozhansky Switzerland. Zmiev - Korobovy Khutor Bus

Zmiev - Water - Korobovy Khutor - outdoor recreation

Korobov Khutor - one of the most beautiful places in the Kharkiv region, a real resort. From the height of the Cossack mountain, from the banks of the Seversky Donets, a wonderful view of the picturesque places of the Kharkiv region opens.

13 hours
675 from UAH.

We get acquainted with the Kharkiv antiquity. Both Akhtyrka and Trostyanets were once part of the Kharkov province. Nowadays Akhtyrka is a museum of temples in the open air, and Trostyanets is famous for the former estate of the sugar manufacturer Leopold Koenig - now the Trostyanets arboretum.

3 days / 5 turodney
3450 from UAH.

May fountain of emotions! Vinnytsia - Uman - Medzhybizh - rafting on the Bug Train

Vinnytsia - fountain show - Uman - rafting on the Southern Bug - Medzhybizh

May tour
All the secrets of the Southern Bug in the Neon Tour! Tour for the May holidays in Vinnitsa, the highlight of which is undoubtedly the light and music fountain on the Roshen embankment in Vinnitsa, Sofievsky arboretum in Uman and impregnable fortress Medzhybizh.

3 days / 5 turodney
3450 from UAH.

Sea weekend! Beauty Odessa + Belgorod and Shabo! Train

Odessa - Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - Shabo

May tour
We invite sea and sun lovers to the May holidays in the South Palmyra of Ukraine - Odessa! Odessa sights, the fresh Odessa sea, the ancient Akkerman fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and the picturesque wine-making complex in Shabo are waiting for you!

1 day / 2 night
1450 from UAH.

Ukraine new! Kiev - Mezhyhiria Bus

Kyiv - Mezhyhirya - Independence Square

Blitz-tour to the capital of Ukraine for the weekend. Excursion tour from Kharkov to Kiev with a visit to the residence of former Ukrainian President Yanukovych and a tour of the Maidan. By bus to Kiev from Kharkov!

2 days / 2 nights
2650 from UAH.

Reserve Ukraine. Askania - Stone graves - Azov Bus

Schastlivtsevo - hot springs - pink lake - Askania Nova - Stone graves

Popular weekend tour! A sea of ​​pleasure in one trip: rest on the shore of the warm Azov Sea, a unique monument of history Stone graves, the pride and wonder of Ukraine - the Ascania Nova biosphere reserve and much more!

1 day / 2 night
1550 from UAH.

Miracles of Cherkasy. Uman + Buk canyon for May holidays Bus

Uman - Sofievsky dendrological park - Buk canyon

Traditional popular bus tour to Uman from Kharkov, which combines visiting the most beautiful places in Ukraine - Sophia Arboretum in Uman - and Buk canyon on the mountain river Tikich.

18 hours
1250 from UAH.

Hetman's capital. Baturin Bus

Kharkov - Baturin - the palace of Razumovsky - Baturin fortress

The gem, national pride and life-preserving spiritual source of Ukraine, without exaggeration, is the Hetman’s Capital National Historical and Cultural Reserve in Baturin. 

16 hours
1150 from UAH.

Familiar with the island of Khortytsa covered with legends and the device of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, acquaintance with the history, traditions and life of the Ukrainian Cossacks, with the opportunity to see with your own eyes a unique performance with the participation of Sich Cossacks. 

10 hours
395 from UAH.

Handmade masterpieces. Krasnokutsk - Old Merchik - Singing terraces Bus

Krasnokutsky Arboretum - Singing Terraces

The beauty of the landscape lakes, the greens of centuries-old oak trees, the purity of picturesque springs - all this "Red Kut" - a beautiful unique corner of the Kharkov region. It was here that the Krasnokutsky dendrological park was built on the monastery land donated to the Karazin family.

4 hours
550 from UAH.

Spanish delicacies. Snail farm Bus

Kharkov - Tsirkuny

Snails are one of the most unique creatures on planet Earth. These animals are more than 600 millions of years old, and in appearance they resemble alien inhabitants.

10 hours
550 from UAH.

There seems to be no number of unique natural areas in Ukraine. Among them are the Dvurechansky natural park and the exotic Kitsevskaya desert in the Kharkov region! The main advantages of the park are the ancient chalk mountains, and the Kitsevskaya desert - golden sands and real dunes!

3 days / 5 turodney
3800 from UAH.

Balloon festival in Kamyanets-Podolsk + Khotin, Chernivtsi and Bakota! Train

Khmelnitsky - Kamenetz-Podolsky - Chernivtsi - Hotin - Bakota - Khmelnitsky

Hit! May tour Early booking promotion! Saving 250 UAH when ordering a tour before 19.04.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX!
One of the most popular and romantic festivals of Ukraine! You can visit one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, become members of a bright holiday and see the exciting spectacle - the flight of balloons over the medieval city! After all, you dreamed about it, is not it? 

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