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Carpathians, Transcarpathian, Carpathian, Volyn, Polesie, Podolie, Bukovina, Galicia, Lviv, Ternopil, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Yasinya, Yaremche, Kolomyia, Bukovel, Lutsk, Vladimir-Volynsky, Rovno, Chernivtsi, Hungary, Romania, Lutsk, Vladimir-Volynsky, Rovno, Chernivtsi, Hungary, Romania, Rivne, Lutsk, Vladimir-Volynsky, Rovno, Chernivtsi, Hungary, Romania, Rivne Poland, Slovakia, Belarus

3 day

Saint Valentine, Svejk and the Musketeers. The suburbs of Lviv

Lviv - Sambir - Old Sambor - Lavrov - Staraya Sol - Dobromil - Olesko - Podgoretsk - Zolochiv - Krekhov - Zhovkva

When, after the decline of Kievan Rus and the Galicia-Volyn principality, Ukraine was divided between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, architecture and fine art continued to preserve the traditions of the previous era. We leave Galicia by the roads of kings, musketeers and brave soldier Svejk.

2 day

The tour, dedicated to the life and work of Ifan Franco, an outstanding Ukrainian writer, poet, publicist, translator, public figure, doctor of philosophy, will be of interest not only to philologists, but to all connoisseurs of Ukrainian culture.

4 day

Zori of the Dniester. West Podolie + rafting on the Dniester River

Mikulintsy - Buchach - Golden stream - Dniester - Chervonograd - Bilche-Zolote - Ternopil - Zbarazh

Drive a trip to Ternopil region! We risk to change a comfortable hotel to a tent, and also pay a lot of money for it? Then we start to pack backpacks!

from 4 days

That's the tour! Lviv - Shatskie lakes - Belarus

Lviv - Vladimir-Volynsky - Shatsk Lakes - Shatskiy National Park - Lutsk - Belarus - Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Do not tour, but just lick your fingers! One of the oldest cities in Ukraine is Volodymyr-Volynsky, rest on the wondrous lakes of the Shatsky lakes, a tour to friendly Belarus in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha!

5 days

The Lviv Vandler. Palaces and castles

Zolochiv - Olesko - Podgoretsk - Goshev - Zhovkva - Krehiv - Svirzh - Univ - Drohobich - Naguevichi - Rogatin - Galich - Berestechko - Lviv

We invite you to a grand tour of Lviv and Lviv region! We tried to unite all the main castles and palaces of Lviv region in one round: High and Low Castle, Zolochevsky, Olesky, Podgoretsky, Svirzhsky, Galitsky, the castle in Zhovkva, the fortress in Tustany.

5 days

Transcarpathian delicacies. Bathing and tasting

Mukachevo - Lumshory - Nevitskoe - Iza - castles of Transcarpathia - Beregovo - Vinogradov - Kosino - Khust - Vyshkovo - Chizay valley - Solotvino - Voevodino

Before this tour is recommended at least a month-long strict diet, because to keep from temptation will be simply impossible! Although if every day to combine abundant treats with spa procedures, then the charge of vivacity, youth and joy is guaranteed!

7 days

Extravaganza of taste. From Lviv to the Carpathians

Lviv - Medenichi - Perechin - Berehove - Kosino - Shipot - Pylypets - Synevyr

All the sights, beauty and goodies of Lviv and the Carpathians we tried to connect in one round. Although, to be honest, in order to learn everything about Lviv and the Carpathians, one must live there all his life! Gastronomic tour to the Carpathians!

5 days

Thermal Transcarpathia. Beregovo and K *

Uzhgorod - Mukachevo - Beregovo - Koson - Iza - Velyatino - Play - Nyzhne Selyshche - Synevyr - Kolochava - Irshavchina - Lumshory - Derenivka - Voevodino - Chizay

Relax tour to Berehove with the opportunity to make fascinating excursions around Transcarpathia, get acquainted with the culture of Transcarpathian Hungarians, their national cuisine, relax and soak up the famous thermal resorts Berehove and Kosino.

5 days

Water world of the Silver Earth. Transcarpathia + SPA

Shayan - Nyzhne Selishche - Mukachevo - Khust - Iza - Velyatino - Sinevir - Shipot - Kolochava - Vinogradovo - Beregovo - Mukacheve

The Tisza River is the largest river, a symbol of Transcarpathia, thermal pools, numerous sources of Transcarpathian mineral waters, the Terebly-Rik hydroelectric dam and, of course, the "mountain eye of Ukraine" - Lake Sinevir. Wellness and sightseeing tour in Transcarpathia to the resort Shayan.

4 day

The sun in a glass. Wine tour of Transcarpathia

Mukachevo - Berehove - Vinogradovo - Muzhievo - Middle - Uzhhorod - Chisai Valley

The ideal time for such a tour is when one of the wine festivals takes place in Transcarpathia (approximately 11-13 November the festival "Zakarpats'ke Beaujolais" in Uzhgorod, 13-15 January - Cherven Wine "in Mukacheve, 8 March - festival in Berehove, 1-3 May "Sonny napiy" in Uzhgorod, 5-9 of May - "Ugochanskaya Vine" in Vinogradovo).

5 days

SPA exclusive for the elite! Thermal Holidays in Hungary

Mukachevo - Debrecen - Eger - Egerszalok - Budapest - Nyredgygaz

Guaranteed tour from 2 people

On any date

For children's groups - special offer 5 + 1

from 3 days

Visiting the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Mukachevo - Debrecen - Niregaz - castles - thermal baths

the beginning of the tour - on Saturday in Mukacheve
Departures from Kharkov - every Friday
For children's groups - special offer 6 + 1

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