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Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, and others.

Bus and air tours in Europe - is an opportunity to see and learn one or several European countries in a few days! You can go to Europe at any time of the year! She is beautiful always!

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Use the Europe Tour Search module to find the most suitable tour for yourself without much difficulty! Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary - and this is only your beginning of travel around Europe. It's only begining!

In Europe you can go by bus, by car, you can fly by plane. There are tours to Europe from Kiev, from Lviv, you can organize and departure from Kharkov. Someone wants to spend a weekend in Europe, and someone prefers to go on a two-week tour of all European capitals.

Czechia is a country of contrasts. In it there is also a Slavic originality, and medieval stiffness, and light modernity. Even the most discerning tourist will have something to see.


Brilliant Austria is a country, each corner of which has prepared for tourists its "tasty morsel". Lovers of opera, attractions and architecture go, of course, to the capital of Austria, Vienna, fans of classical music - to Salzburg, and to the cleanest lakes and hot mineral springs, tourists go to charming Carinthia.


Germany offers active rest, treatment and health improvement in the resorts, a rich cultural and excursion program. In addition, it is a popular and sought after direction of business tourism. This country all ages are submissive - there is a "German" interest in children, students, parents, and pensioners.


Country of art and culture France has the status of the most popular tourist destination in the world. In winter, the ski resorts of the country are added to a good excursion and shopping. This world's largest winter sports center offers a wide variety of skiing options and modern infrastructure, while preserving not only the natural beauty, but also the authenticity of living in local villages.


There is no country in the world that is better suited for excellent rest, bright impressions, full relaxation and unrestrained fun than Italy. Such a density of architectural masterpieces, richest museums, magnificent views, gastronomic delights and amazing spectacles you will not find anywhere else on the planet. Description of only the most famous attractions of Italy can take more than one page.


The most mysterious and most visited country in Europe. The ancient Greeks believed that here the golden apples of Hercules grow, for the Arabs it was the Gateway to Paradise, for Ernest Hemingway it was an arena on which history rushed between feats and tragedy, and in the evenings the bullfighters fought with death.


Belgium is a country where the spirit of the Middle Ages has been preserved to the fullest. A lot of magnificent castles, temples, parks and sculptures create an unusual atmosphere, where different epochs blended.


The history of Poland can not be called very old, but it was full of events, which would be enough for 10 states. The country's historical heritage is perfectly preserved in rich museums, in cities where there were whole streets with old houses, castles and fortresses


In the forests of Sweden you can easily find good-natured moose, reindeer and powerful musk oxen. Dog sledding is common in the country. In winter, tourists are offered to go to an exciting safari - to search for wolves, lynxes, wolverines and bears.


The stormy history of Hungary has found its reflection in excellently preserved monuments of architecture. The best preserved buildings of the Middle Ages - many of them are restored and successfully function, without losing its color.


Latvia is a country where even at the height of the season there are not so many tourists, but in this country there is where to relax and there is something to see. The purpose of a trip to Latvia can be rest on warm coasts of Baltic sea, improvement in one of local sanatoria, survey of ancient locks and other sights or visiting well-familiar festivals in Jürmala.

Lithuania is a European country with a mild climate, ideal for a holiday with children. Here you can relax on the beach or be treated at one of the health resorts.

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