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Have you already traveled all over Ukraine? Have you been to the Carpathians and Transcarpathia, Bukovina and Podillia, have you been to Odessa and Kiev many times? Have you ever been to Kharkov?

Kharkov is waiting for you! Kharkov invites you!

Because Kharkiv  - one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, a million-plus city, a toiler city, a dandy city, a businessman city, a scientist city. Kharkov has something to be proud of and something to show!

We invite you to Kharkov for one day - to learn the most important and interesting things about it!

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Sightseeing tour of Kharkov "First Capital": University Hill - fortress hill, Eternal Flame, Assumption and Blagoveshchensk cathedrals, one of the most beautiful monuments in the world T. Shevchenko, the symbol of the city - Mirror Stream, the largest square in Europe - Freedom Square, national university and building Gosprom, the garden of Shevchenko.

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Optional we offer a choice of walking or bus excursion around Kharkov of any subject - "Monuments of Kharkov", "7 wonders of Kharkov", "Architectural appearance of Kharkov", "Temples of Kharkov", "Gardens and squares of Kharkov", "Chocolate Kharkov", "Evening Kharkov" , an excursion to the Ranok printing house, in airport "Kharkiv", at the Kharkov Opera House, on stadium "Metalist", a series of excursions about famous Kharkovites, etc.

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In free time We offer visits to museums, entertainment to choose from. Among the museums we recommend to pay attention to Historical Museum, Museum of Nature, Art Museum, UFO Museum, Maritime Museum, the only one in Ukraine World Sexual Culture Museum, Museum of Photo Illusions, Museum of Computer Hardware and Software, Museum of Books, Ermilov Center, Gallery "AVEC", Museum - Pharmacy, Space Arena.

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Entertainment lovers are invited to Central Park "Park Gorkogo" - the largest amusement park in Ukraine, on the suspended cable carin the water park "Jungle", Kharkiv Zoo, Feldman Ecopark, circus, planetarium, in Igroland.

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Do you have your own special wishes? Let's bring them to life!

The cost per person in UAH.

Number of paid places + free  50 + 2 40 + 2
30 + 2
18 + 2 10 + 1 8
6 3-4
price per person 125 155 200 300 500 600 550 950 1350


meeting tourists, transport and excursion services according to the program, insurance.


  • The cost of reception programs is approximate and in each case is calculated by the order.
  • The cost depends on the agreed program, the level of the hotel, meals, the number of people in the group, transportation services, facilities visited, etc.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, theatrical performances, optional events are paid additionally.
  • Museums, master classes, theatrical performances, optional events are booked in advance when booking.
  • Any variants and combinations of programs, excursions are possible.  

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