City of entertainment. Kharkov

Kharkiv is a city of unique entertainment! Come and visit us, and you will get acquainted with the energetic, modern, intellectual city and plunge into the wonderful world of entertainment at the Ukrainian Disneyland and French Boulevard.

This you have not seen before!

- the only roller coaster in Eastern Ukraine;

- the highest Ferris wheel in Ukraine;

- House of horror with a falling elevator;

- Kharkov Eiffel Tower;

- cinema "IMAX" with a screen in a 5-storey building;

- the highest climbing wall in Ukraine;

- a unique beer production process at the Rogansky brewery;

- tasting several types of beer;

-the largest indoor water park in Ukraine.

Programs for the reception of groups and individual tourists in Kharkov include:

- meeting and accompanying tourists;

- transport service in Kharkov;

- Excursion service in Kharkov, Kharkiv region, Slobozhanshchina;

- accommodation in hotels and hostels of Kharkiv and the region;

- varied food;

- visiting entertaining centers, parks and attractions of Kharkov;

- excursions to the museums of Kharkov;

- Shopping in Kharkov, incl. in the shopping center "Barabashovo";

- purchase of Kharkiv and Ukrainian souvenirs;

- Visiting Kharkov productions;

- conference service, services for holding corporate events;

- animation programs, master classes, event marketing, etc.

Kharkiv - a city of unique entertainment - is waiting for its guests!

Placement Locations



Kharkiv - Kharkiv Disneyland - French Boulevard - Rogansky brewery

Duration of the tour

1 day





Type of tour


Excursion program

Meeting of the group in Kharkov.

Sightseeing tour of Kharkov "First Capital": University Hill - fortress hill, Eternal Flame, Assumption and Blagoveshchensk cathedrals, one of the most beautiful monuments in the world T. Shevchenko, the symbol of the city - Mirror Stream, the largest area in Europe - Freedom Square, national university and building Gosprom, the garden of Shevchenko.

Visit "Kharkov Disneyland".

If you are going to visit Kharkov, be sure to invite you to Kharkov Disneyland! "Park Gorkogo" - Former Nikolaev - the oldest park in Kharkov. Its history begins in the distant 1893 year, and the area is more than 130 ha. Now one of the largest amusement parks in Europe functions here.

The entertainment complex includes: the largest Ferris wheel in Ukraine, roller coasters, unique attractions "Fall Tower", "Catapult", "Salto", House of Horrors, retro park, rope park, the oldest in Ukraine suspended Cableway and other attractions for adults and children of all ages. The Small South Railway, on which children work, runs through the park. Acquaintance with the park. In our free time, we offer to walk along the alleys of the park and ride exciting attractions.


Moving to "France" - SEC "French Boulevard".

A tour of the galleries of the first entertainment and shopping center in Kharkov, a visit to the Valentinov bridge,
promo video in the IMAX or 4DX hall. We will certainly make wishes at the Heart with cherubs, climb the closed panoramic balconies of the French Boulevard, take beautiful photos with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

At any time you can:

- watch movies in IMAX or 4DX format
- go rollerblading or ice skating in the "Chateau Ledo"
- conquer the peaks of the highest climbing wall in Ukraine
- devote time to shopping

Children from 4 to 16 are waiting "Francilia" - the first country in Kharkov for professions and hobbies for children: border control, the exchange of professions, the government, tax, police, lego studio and scientific laboratory, driving school and university, studio master classes, fashion house, publishing house and radio station, beauty salons and supermarkets, confectionary factory and motor show, ice cream house and cinema ...

If there is time and desire, we invite you to the largest indoor water park in Ukraine - "water park" Jungle ". "Jungle" is a multifunctional entertainment complex with lots of water attractions and various swimming pools, health services, cafes and bars, parking and hotel. The total area of ​​the 3-storeyed water park is 11000 sq.m., the area of ​​the water entertainment zone is 4000 sq.m.

It is possible to visit the only one in Ukraine museum of photo-illusions.

For adults we offer an optional bus эexcursion to Rogan on Rogansky Brewery*. The excursion program includes: information about the company and its brands, history production of alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, visiting all the production departments of the plant, acquaintance with the main stages of beer production, beer tasting, souvenir production.

Departure of the group.

The cost per person in UAH.

on the transport of the customer (or pedestrian excuses - without transport):

 Number of paid places + free of charge 50 + 4 45 + 4
40 + 4
36 + 3
30 + 3
25 + 2
16 + 2
18 + 2
10 + 1 5 people 2 people
price per person 265 280 285 300 315 340 375
450 700 1300

 on our transport:

Number of paid
places + free
50 + 4 44 + 4
40 + 4
36 + 3
30 + 3
25 + 2
16 + 2
18 + 2
10 + 1 5 people 2 people
price per person 415 430 445 460 485 522 585
 785 1200 2000


meeting tourists, transport service during the day (8 hours), guide and excursion services during the day, lunch, insurance.


  • The cost of reception programs is approximate and in each case is calculated by the order.
  • The cost depends on the agreed program, the level of the hotel, meals, the number of people in the group, transportation services, facilities visited, etc.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, theatrical performances, optional events are paid additionally.
  • Museums, master classes, theatrical performances, optional events are booked in advance when booking.
  • Any variants and combinations of programs, excursions are possible.  

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